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The Prairie Wife
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Barbara Walters 
Michelle Obama 
Mindy Kaling
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Welcome, Everyone, to the Right to Marry
Confessions of a Prep-School Feminist
Loving the Midwest
Those Who Can’t Teach
Tina Fey and Me
A Very Careful Thanksgiving
If I’m on Facebook, It Must Be Over
I Still Love Obama. Love. Love. Love.
The Perils of Literary Success
You Hate Me, You Really Hate Me
You Can’t Get a Man With a Pen
I Was Sylvia Plath-ish
Traumas in adolescent life
Divorce on the D-List
Why I love Laura Bush

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Foster Care: Extreme Edition
The whole world in her home
The Art of the Confession

“This American Life” Pieces

And on the Eighth Day, God Created Tartar Sauce (Act 4)
Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Be Alarmingly Familiar (Act 3)
What Daddy Wants (Act 5)